SCADD offers top-quality, evidence-based autism treatment services

At SCADD we understand the difficulties; the emotional and social pressure. Therefore, we have adopted the latest methods in Behavioral Therapy to ensure that the child and parents’ journey towards inclusion is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Center-Based Programs

A wide variety of educational programs to help children reach their highest potential. Our intervention program is evidence-based such as “DTT, NET, Fluency based instructions.

School – Based Programs

SCADD offers school shadowing and inclusion support in the school setting, providing such services to a student in order to provide her/him with the appropriate support in order to …

Home-Based Therapy

Our multi-interdisciplinary team incorporate best practices and will help you and your child build necessary skills and eliminate problem behaviors by..

Parent Led Therapy

SCADD developed the first parent-led, online and/or onsite ABA service. It brings a BCBA accredited consultant into family homes via video technology, guiding, coaching and supporting parents and carers to implement an …


A BCBA will meet you and your child to further investigate the status of your child and gather general information, discuss your concerns, give you the appropriate recommendations and determine if there is a ….

 Individualized Assessment

Our licensed professionals provide evidence-based diagnostic and assessment services for children with suspected autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in our comfortable and private environment setting …..