School – Based Services: inclusion services and  shadow support

SCADD offers school shadowing and inclusion support in the school setting. We can provide such services to a student in order to provide her/him with the appropriate support in order to enable the student to successfully participate in the classroom setting taking into consideration that our ultimate goal is to fade out all kinds of support and reinforce full independence. In addition, we can provide an inclusion specialist to support inclusion and mainstream in a school setting.

Inclusion services:

  • 1:1 Ratio with RBT for school time duration.
  • Program developed by BCBA.
  • Assigned BCaBA as case manager.
  • Program supervision by BCBA and BCaBA.
  • Transportation to school.
  • Discount on any in-center therapy sessions.
  • Yearly assessments.
  • Monthly update meeting with our BCBA.
  • Center-School IEP meetings by BCaBA case manager.

shadow support

  • 1:1 Daily ratio with RBT for school-time duration.
  • 15% discount on any in-center therapy sessions.
  • Fast and adequate replacement for teachers if needed.
  • CV list of RBT teachers for interviewing purposes.