Parent Led Therapy: The first parent-led ABA service.

SCADD developed the first parent-led, online and/or onsite ABA service. It brings a BCBA accredited consultant into family homes via video technology, guiding, coaching and supporting parents and carers to implement an individualized ABA program for their child with ASD and other behavioral needs, Using video technology, SCADD brings an accredited ABA Consultant into family homes at a fraction of the cost of other programs. Parents lead the ABA program guided by the Consultant, implementing the strategies identified to light a way towards progress.

  • Parents conduct sessions at home.
  • In-center sessions per week.
  • RBT Training for parents (competency assessment included)
  • Automated data from home ( optional ).
  • Monthly program update meetings with BCaBA.
  • Monthly parent-child sessions under BCaBA supervision.