by | Aug 6, 2022

SCADD consultation sessions are held in our state-of-the-art center or at one of our authorized partners spread all over Jordan and online. We also offer through our secure parents portal. You can choose the most convenient location. All locations are equipped with appropriate tools and props to assist the therapists in the process. For online sessions, we require the parent to have some basic tools that can be purchased form a local toy store or from our online portal. 

A BCBA will meet you and your child to further investigate the status of your child and gather general information, discuss your concerns, give you the appropriate recommendations and determine if there is a need for further assessment. 

Upon concluding the consultation session, a report will be generated and reviewed by a BCBA. Consultation sessions outcomes may be one of the following:

The consultation session results will determine if the child has developmental disorder. To determine the type of disorder, the BCBA will recommend further investigation by conducting an Individualized assessment that should determine your child’s level of ASD or other behavioral disorder. To recommend the intervention therapy plan.