Center-Based Programs

by | Aug 5, 2022

SCADD offers a wide variety of educational programs to help children reach their highest potential. Our intervention program is evidence-based such as “DTT, NET, Fluency based instructions, etc., through individualized educational programs in one-to-one intensive settings and small groups’ classrooms. Types of therapy:

  • One to One ABA session: our registered behavioral technicians provide intensive behavioral therapy sessions for your child in a structured environment focusing on the child’s skills through, scoring form through his VPMAPP. 
  • One to one Occupational therapy session: our occupational therapists provide intensive occupational therapy sessions focusing on a child’s occupational skills, dressing, hygiene, eating, fine motor, and gross motor.
  • One to one speech language therapy session: our speech-language therapists provide intensive speech therapy sessions for your child focusing on oral facial expressions, questions, identifying objects and pictures, and paralinguistic skill following his VB MAPP.

One to one therapy Program:

  • 1:1 Daily ratio with a RBT.
  • OT and SLP when needed.
  • Number of sessions per week based on assessment results..
  • Program developed and managed by a BCBA.
  • Program supervision by BCBA and/or BCaBA.
  • Yearly assessments.
  • Yearly plans and plan updates. 
  • Parent Training & workshops.
  • Monthly parent update meeting with BCBA and team for 90 minutes.


Classrooms therapy (small groups):  

  • Low Teacher- Student ratio.
  • Variety of hours for daily therapy within the group.
  •  All therapy provided by In-class RBT. 
  • All  special education specialists and teachers are certified RBT (minimum requirement).
  • Program developed by BCBA.
  • Program supervision by BCBA and BCaBA.
  • Yearly assessments.
  • Yearly plans and plan updates. 
  • Parent Training.
  • Monthly parent update meeting