About us

SCADD was founded to be an elite daycare center focused on providing supportive services and comprehensive care to children with autism. As one of the first such centers in Jordan, SCADD created a vision to become a regional scientific center for children with autism. Founded in 2010, the organization has become a leading provider of such services in the Middle East and North Africa. The organization was developed to meet the growing need within the region for such a diverse program.

With a desire to become a truly cutting edge facility, SCADD started its mission early to focus on the science of applied behavior analysis. From its foundation, SCADD has been praised for its team and its dedication to its service.

Our mission has always been to become a scientifically recognized center by international organizations and global educational institutions in this field.

To provide comprehensive service and to achieve this high level of recognition, SCADD provides a complete set of services. We use an evidence-based approach. This includes implementing therapies such as ABA, speech pathology, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Our approach focuses on just children who have an autism disorder on the spectrum. We accommodate other forms of similar disorders as well.

A key component of the service SCADD provides is an appreciation of the rights of children who have autism and related disorders. We firmly believe that all children deserve the access they need to education and therapy to achieve their best levels possible. We believe that science and therapy like this are not just available services but are truly rights for all children not just in Jordan but around the world.

As a result, we have dedicated SCADD to the advancement of access and service of children on the spectrum with a focus on the scientific tools and understanding necessary to create such opportunities.


Mohammad Abu Dalhoum, CEO

Chief executive officer (CEO) at Scientific Center for autism & Dev. Disorders and at the American Institute of Autism Sciences.

13 years record of leadership and strategic vision with a community based attention, in scientific development and in business providing healthcare services in Jordan. prior positions include president and CEO of Autism Academy of Jordan, a private sector boarding autism school hosting more than 280 students from across the middle east and north Africa which allowed him to accumulate knowledge from parents observations on autism market pain points regionally. During his work at AAJ, he founded SCADD in 2009 and AIAS in 2017, two leading organizations in autism ABA based therapy and also in the dissemination of ABA science in Arab region.

Oroub Tawalbeh, Ms, ABA

Ouroob T. obtained her master degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Jordan University of Science and Technology in cooperation with Association of Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), USA in 2009. She has over ten years of experience in a variety of different settings working with children with autism and other developmental disorders with behavioral challenges, serving as a BCBA for 2 of those years. Ouroob has worked as a home-based behavioral therapist, overseen home-based programs, designed training protocols for ABA therapists and supervisors, and consulted with families and schools. Her interests include early intervention, social skills, and challenges behavior.