Our Services

At SCAAD we aim to make the child and parents’ journey easy and pleasant. We understand the pressure that is inflicted on parents when their child is diagnosed as ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). At SCADD we understand the difficulties; the emotional and social pressure.

Parents Resources

How do you know if your child has autism? What are the symptoms? What therapies are available? Our website, SCADD.jo, provides answers to these questions and more.


Our Mission

SCADD has a mission to provide a safe and supportive environment for people with disabilities by providing the tools, resources, and skills needed to live independently. We are guided by our values of respect, responsibility and independence.

Conditions we support


Issues with communicating, interacting, and more


Behavior or conduct problems, learning disorders

Anxiety & Depression

And other emotional challenges

Behavioral Disorders

ODD, OCD, and other challenges

Not Sure What’s Wrong?

We can help evaluate and diagnose your child

Innovative pioneers

in the application of applied behavior analysis since 2010

SCADD has come a long way in  providing applied behavior analysis services to meet the growing need for an Arabic certified ABA program, and other supportive clinical programs (SLP, OT, etc..) with a great desire to become a comprehensive autism therapy center, SCADD focuses on community based services to enhance possibilities of sound inclusion programs.

Our Mission

Our Mission at SCADD is to create a customized learning environment and specialized teaching methods to serve children ages two through thirteen affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders and related Communication Disorders.

Our Programs

Recognizing the unique needs of our students, SCADD’s  focus is on providing the proper learning environment, which includes a low student-to-teacher ratio, a structured and quiet environment, positive behavioral support, and open communication with parents.


SCADD gathers a wide variety of unique assets to assist families with understanding autism spectrum disorder.  The resources page includes new research updates, blog posts, news media, and much more.

Our Future 

At SCADD we understand the importance of providing a “social enterprise” program, functional living program and community involvement opportunities for the teenagers and young adults that are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Soon we plan on expanding SCADD to provide unique services for students ages thirteen through eighteen.